Bernadette Mullen

Bernadette MullenLicensed Speech and Language Pathologist

Bernadette has spent the past the past twenty-five years working in the field of autism. She has worked as both a speech language pathologist and as a special education teacher. Both roles have given her a keen insight into how language skills are crucial for academic success. 
Bernadette is currently a practicing, Licensed Speech and Language Pathologist and owns Operates Speech Start where she has been in private practice for twelve years.

Bernadette graduated from Montclair State University with a BA in Communication Sciences and Disorders. She worked at Children’s Specialized Hospital for three years, while she began her graduate studies in Speech and Language Pathology. She received her Masters degree in Speech and Language Pathology in 1988 and completed her Certificate of Clinical Competency at the Children’s Psychiatric Center. In 1990, Bernadette attended Kean University where she received her certificate to teach Special Education.

What do you enjoy most about working with children?
I have always enjoyed working with children. I love their humor and their creativity. I also enjoy their enthusiasm and energy. Most of all working with children keeps me grounded and related to what is important in life.

Tell me your most rewarding experience working at Small Factory?
Small Factory is awesome! My most rewarding experience working at Small Factory has been to watch the children become social beings right before our eyes. One student comes to mind immediately when I think of incredible moments because he was shy and withdrawn and now he is a group leader.

What are your hobbies and interests?
I love to cook and read. I could read all day long. I also love to watch comedy and I enjoy Broadway shows. School is my thing, too! I love learning.