Kids can put on a show

At Small Factory, Kids Can Put On A Show, Grow and Thrive

There’s something magical about performing at Small Factory Productions. Maybe it’s the adrenaline. Maybe it’s the energy of the audience. Or maybe it’s that the performers on stage are children; children who thrive and utterly enjoy the mere act of being on stage in front of an audience.

Kids can put on a show

These kids are part of the Put On A Show Class at Small Factory Productions. The class is an improvisational acting class of sorts, really a laid back version of putting on a show. There are no bells or whistles; it’s organic. Children create, act, sing and even dance a little while bringing certain childhood classics to life.

Ellen Phillips, the drama teacher at Small Factory, doesn’t aim for perfection when teaching her classes how to put on a show; she simply wants them to become comfortable performing and confident being in front of people.

“The goal is to get the quietest kid to want to speak up, to want to be creative,” said Ellen.

The Put On A Show Class was born out of a want in the area for a class that would help kids learn to perform and foster creativity. The class just wrapped up its fourth performance and has grown bigger with each passing year.

With performances like A Charlie Brown Christmas, Free To Be… You and Me, and Charlotte’s Web, the Put On A Show Class seems to add a new element with each performance. On June 10, the class tackled Schoolhouse Rock. And rock they did.11116322_10153347447979293_1507754110219722047_o

“The kids had so much fun,” said Ellen. “Schoolhouse Rock is timeless and bridges the age gap. There was a chance for everyone to be the star, and the kids had a blast.”

Even the parents loved it.

“I love when the kids find the ability to laugh and figure out that it’s ok to go a little bit off script and improv. It’s a gift to learn that,” said Ellen. “Watching the kids build their confidence on and off stage is so rewarding.”

Think your child would be a good fit for the Put On A Show Class? Ellen said the class is a great for shy kids, comedians, and creative kids alike.

“There’s no real cookie cutter version of a kid who should do this class,” she said. “The kid who is shy but sings at home, or the kid who loves to perform, or the kid who is a comedian or shows a creative interest. They would all thrive here.”

The Put On A Show Class is a two session, ten week class, meeting on Fridays from 4-5:30 p.m. The session runs from mid fall to late spring. Check the Small Factory website for registration details.