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Small Factory Flicks presents cartoons made by kids and for kids. Hosts Molly, Anna, Dylan, Zachary and Zachary introduce NYC life’s youngest viewers to cartoons that use new technology, traditional art, music and storytelling to create interesting and interactive experiences for children.

Meet the Hosts

photo of Small Factory Flicks host, Molly Molly is always singing, acting and joking around, her mother often refers to her as a mini “Lucille Ball”. She dazzles family and friends with her big personality and witty sense of humor. Molly currently participates in theater group workshops, art lessons, Count Basie Cool School Productions, music and voice lessons, field hockey & softball, as well as Girl Scouts. She has appeared on the cover of “Your Child Today” magazine and starred in numerous recitals and school plays. Molly also enjoys volunteering her time to charitable organizations including the SPCA, Holiday Express and Lunch Break. When she’s not focused on school, participating in extracurricular activities or volunteering her time, you can find Molly hanging with her loving family, friends and adorable little Yorkie named Wooky, or her twin pet turtles and fish. No matter where she goes or what she does, Molly’s light-hearted, happy and optimistic spirit always keeps things exciting.
photo of Small Factory Flicks host, AnnaAnna has responded to music and movement since the day she was born. She rolled into music classes with her buddy Zachary at the old age of 1. The two have been collaborators ever since! Like Zach, Anna enjoys creating stop action video and as a result she has some directorial aspirations for her future. She has a very strong passion for performance, most notably dance.  She has studied ballet for the past 7 years at The Academy of Dance Arts.  This year she has added jazz and hip hop to her schedule. Anna has performed in the Nutcracker for the past three years with CODA (Company of Dance Arts) at the Count Basie Theatre. Her roles there have increased with every audition. Anna has been performing on the stage in school productions since she was 5, where she has played everything from the WING of Pegasus to a rock star. She currently enjoys taking Improv classes at Small Factory, and she shows remarkable comedic timing and creativity, which is not a surprise! In her spare time Anna loves everything ocean, including boogie boarding and surfing with her friends. She also enjoys hanging with her family and playing with her Welsh Terrier Harry, who was named for the boy wizard in her most beloved literary series.
photo of Small Factory Flicks host, Dylan Dylan is passionate about designing creations out of Lego’s, reading and drawing. His summer days were spent sailing his sail boat Asteroid and body boarding at the beach. He’s an avid gamer and enjoys doing improv. In his free time he can be found organizing the gang for a group project or a nerf gun raid!
photo of Small Factory Flicks host, Zack Zack has always had a gift for storytelling. He loves to write his stories and bring them to life through his drawings with the hopes of one day having them published. He has a great sense of humor always looking for ways to make family and friends laugh and his laugh is contagious. He has always had a gift for putting on a show and making new friends wherever he goes. He loves participating in extracurricular activities at his school. He excels in band and has been a member since elementary school. While not in school, Zack loves to spend time with his family and friends, enjoys computer and video games and playing his instruments.
photo of Small Factory Flicks host, Zachary Zachary was dancing before he was walking and is never shy in front of a crowd. Zachary has a passion for technology and the arts, creating stop-action videos, cartoons and video games, as well as, teaching himself songs for the piano. He is talented in drawing, making comics and flip-books and wrote a book on animation for a 5th grade class project. He enjoys karate, going to the beach, reading, baseball and watching his favorite New York teams, the Yankees and the Giants. He is a fun loving kid who can often be found clowning around with his friends and family, and on many occasions if the right song is on, watch out for the break dance moves!


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