This class is a cooperative effort between Small Factory and Speech Start’s Bernadette Mullen. This group is appropriate for all children who have difficulty finding, making and remaining friends with peers. This group is great for children who have a known diagnosis or may just need a little social guidance.

5:15 – 6:30 pm
(6-10 yrs)
(11-14 yrs)

12 Week session begins on 9/18

(Your insurance may cover this class)

Tutoring and Tech  – $60
3:30 – 5:00 pm

Small Factory and Speech Start will also be providing an exciting after school program which will include a homework club and/or individual tutoring along with a multimedia art related activity.  During this program licensed teachers will provide the support needed for difficult homework assignments and tutoring when its necessary.  The teachers are able to accommodate language studies to grade 8 and math to grade 3.  When the tutoring is over students will learn multimedia activities such as animation, video game and video production.  We have built in a snack and down time for each student for social reinforcement.

$30 – 45 min. for Tutoring
$30 – 45 min. for Multimedia.

Please call 732.212.1088  for more information and/or to sign up!